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Alpha 11 is going to be released with high performance optimizations Coming soon! Juliar Convention in the US!


Alpha 11 September 27 2016

Alpha 10 September 4 2016

Alpha 9 August 3 2016

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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to Juliar Programming Language. Juliar was originally a "web" programming language written in Javascript. It was originally made to quickly change color of text and make "Rainbow Texts". Now there are two versions avaialble: DesktopServer and WebsiteClient version. If you quickly need a calculator, run it as command prompt, transform a file, or run a server side scripting language use DesktopServer version. If you need to use it on a website or display the contents using a Web-browser, please use the WebsiteClient version. The DesktopServer and WebsiteClient has a strong focus on Cross-Platform language. The language's goal is to be able to run the programs on every platform, including the iOS and Android platform. It's made to be simple and easy to use. The language will eventually try to take advantage of multi-processors. The language is currently testing a new feature: a built-in "Universal Module" which allows people to write and execute modules in Python and C#.

Juliar for Dummies List

1) Not Functional & Not Imperatif - Unlike C,JAVA, LISP...Juliar is completely different. It doesn't follow Functional or Imperatif design.

2) Easy to Learn - Juliar is fairly simple to learn.

3) Cross Platform - You can write and run Juliar on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. (Mobile Support coming soon)

4) Professional - Create High Quality Websites, Professional Articles, and Powerful Presentations.

5) Security - RatTeam is devoted to provide the best and top security. We are constantly working to create the best security applications.

6) jHTML - We created jHTML which is 1 to 1 and onto compatible with HTML. It's based on XPATH syntax, so people that feel comfortable can write less!

7) Latex - Juliar has a powerful LaTex module. Create and Read Latex inside Juliar.

8) Sandbox - Juliar runs in a closed environment = Less Memory Exploits.

9) Write Once - We will take care of upgrading the algorithms and using latest technologies :).

10) Open Source - Juliar is open source and only interpreted or compiled at run time.