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Juliar is a free to use open source high level multi-platform semi-functional programming language and compiler that that runs on almost every platform. We think Juliar is very simple! If you don't believe us, check out the code below:

> function t() = { return + 3 2 5 10 22; }
> function main() = { int s = t(); printLine(s); }
> Output: 42

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Developer Name Position
Don Reamy Lead Developer
Andrey Makhanov Lead Developer
Ilya Tretyakov UI Designer

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Juliar for Dummies List

1) Bridge- Juliar has built-in bridges with languages such as Python and Java. You can use Python and Java code inside Juliar. (Juliar downloads and uses JuPyter if needed)

2) Easy to Learn - very simple language. Supports both static and dynamic typing.

3) GUI - Juliar has a built-in GUI for those who do not want to deal with command prompt or terminal.

4) Prefix Notation - perform unary and ternary operations!

5) One repository - Juliar has a built-in package manager and one main repository from where you can download and submit different scripts.

6) Multithreaded - Multithreading is usually very difficult to implement. Juliar simplifies that process with built-in APIs

7) Starting Community - Juliar is a starting community. Please help us grow the community!