Juliar DReAM

Create programs in plain English. Execute it on any platform!
You read it correctly! You don't need to be a programmer to write programs anymore! Forget about learning syntax. With Juliar, you create programs in a language you already know...English!

▸ I want to take "US" and store it as variable Y
▸ I want to to take variable Y and derive country
▸ Result: "United States of America"

We moved to a new site https://jukalang.com

Juliar DReAM - Natural Prototyping Programming Language

Upcoming Natural Prototyping Programming Language of the Future.


Write in Plain English!

Juliar DReAM is easy to learn because you write in pure English! That's right, you don't need to learn how to code or learn complicated syntax. Let the language create programs for you!

A nice looking editor

Juliar DReAM has a simple built-in editor. Forget command prompts and terminals! Just focus on writing your sentences.

Use of Multithreading Technology

Don't worry about complicated stuff like multithreading and multiprocessing. Juliar DReAM automatically creates a thread whenever it needs to!

Free and Open Source

You might have heard that there is no such thing as free lunch. Well, Juliar DReAM is 100% free and is an open source product. Forever. We just ask that you participate in our community and tell your friends about it by tweeting, facebooking, emailing or whatever the means.

One Single Repository

Create programs, share them with community! Help each other out. Juliar DReAM is very community driven, so we are making sharing simple by introducing package manager.

Interface with other languages

We are building new ways to interact with Juliar DReAM. Soon you will be able to import "compiled" code from other languages and use it in your program making it simple for non-coders to interact with your applications.

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