Juliar DReAM

A rapid prototyping programming language for the future.
Code and run on any platform.

▸ function t() = { return + 3 2 5 10 22; }
▸ function main() = { int s = t(); printLine(s); }
▸ Output: 42


Easy to Learn

Juliar DReAM supports both static and dynamic typing. Juliar DReAM attempts to suggest code based on what you write.


Juliar DReAM has a built-in GUI for those who do not want to deal with command prompt or terminal.


Juliar DReAM automatically creates threads whenever it needs to.

One repository

Juliar DReAM has a built-in package manager with an easy to use repository to build scripts.


Juliar DReAM uses Dynamic Library Runtime (DLR) to generate code on run-time. You can use extensions such as IronPython to build your application in multiple languages.

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