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Juliar is a free to use open source high level multi-platform semi-functional programming language and compiler that that runs on almost every platform. We think Juliar is very simple! If you don't believe us, check out the code below:

> function t() = { return + 3 2 5 10 22; }
> function main() = { int s = t(); printLine(s); }
> Output: 42


Developer Name Position
Don Reamy JuliarFuture Lead Developer
Andrey Makhanov JuliarFuture Lead Developer
Ilya Tretyakov Art Designer
R Lee US Community Manager


Juliar.Future web work is being done alone with other fixes!

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Juliar for Dummies List

1) Functional and Imperative - Juliar implements functional features of LISP and Clojure and imperative features of Java and C++

2) Easy to Learn - very simple language. Supports both static and dynamic casting.

3) Cross Platform - Juliar code is written in Java and compiles your programs to Java byte code. This means that you can run Juliar and programs written in Juliar on any operating system that supports JVM

4) Professional - Juliar aim is to combine the best features of all languages into one powerful language. With Juliar, you can interpret, compile, and even run websites.

5) Web Server - You can use Juliar to develop websites. Juliar comes with built-in web component, so you can serve dynamic pages.

6) Multithreaded - Juliar is automatically multithreaded. However, you can manually control when and how to use it. This is useful for Networking.

7) Sandbox - Juliar runs on JVM i.e. a closed environment which means less memory leaks.

8) Write Once - Juliar comes with a powerful built-in API. We will take of making sure that Juliar is compatible with the latest Java version, so you don't have to.

9) Open Source - Juliar is completely open source. Found a bug? Feel free to fix it.

10) Growing Community - Juliar has a strong growing community who are willing to help you with any questions you might have.

11) One repository - Juliar has one main repository from where you can download and submit different scripts. A more community propelled language.

12) Prefix Notation - Juliar supports prefix notation which may be useful for example when concatenating strings.

13) GUI - Juliar has a built-in GUI for those who do not want to deal with command prompt or terminal.

14) Bridge- Juliar has built-in bridges with languages such as Python and Java. You can use Python and Java code inside Juliar.

15) Hoisting- Unlike C and C++, Juliar supports function hoisting, which moves the headers of the functions to the top.