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Juliar DReAM Programming Language

Thank you for using Juliar DReAM Programming Language!

Create programs in plain English. Execute it on any platform! You read it correctly! You don't need to be a programmer to write programs anymore! Forget about learning syntax. With Juliar, you create programs in a language you already know...English!

Please check out the menu to the left to get started on the language.

What is Juliar?

Juliar is a free to use open source programming language. It is created for rapid prototyping and the ability to easily code and run on any platform.

Is Juliar Copyrighted?

Juliar is under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, see the license, in the repository folder for information: LICENSE

How can I start coding in Juliar?

See Getting Started Section. If you are still having problems, feel free to chat with us. We use a 3rd party program called slack which is available to download via To join our chat channel, please go to and fill out the information. You will get an invitation code.

Do you have an IDE or a TextEditor where I can write the code?

Juliar has its own built in editor. However, you are able to use any editor you want. Juliar follows .ju,.jrl, and .jlr extension.