Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s your dream in life?
A: Sing with a celebrity.
Q: How much money do you make?
A: Juliar is a non-profit group. We make $0.
Q: I look forward in trying out this language!
A: Thank you for your interest in language.
Q: Ive known Juliar since back in the day when it was only the forum and nothing else!
A: Thank you for being part of Juliar. Please join us on slack if you need your questions answered or just want to talk.
Q: Could this program help me in college?
A: It could! What are you studying?
Q: Why is it named Juliar?
A: It's a long story :)
Q: Does Juliar work on Linux?
A: Yes! It works on any system that has Java Virtual Machine installed.
Q: What is Juliar Good for?
A: Juliar is good for fast prototyping programs that run on almost any device
Q: Also, i like the website, it's very good.
A: Thank you for liking the website